Why Rent From ShutterHut?

We offer THE FREE STUFF on ANY size rental package!

MULTIPLE COPIES of a print, we make as many as needed based on how many are in the photo booth. If 6 guests go in, all 6 will receive a copy of that photo strip. (Others charge for that.)

THE BEST PROPS! We are constantly updating/replacing , based on current trends. Plus our props are nicely displayed and accessible for your guests to choose from. (Others charge for that.)

COMPLETED PERSONALIZED PHOTO SCRAPBOOK is handed to you at the end of your event.

And a FREE CD of all of the photos from your event. (Others charge for that.)

FREE TIME LAPSE VIDEO of your event will be posted on  YOUTUBE.  Please visit our page and take a look at our videos!! Another fun way to share your ShutterHut Photo Booth experience.

4 ONSITE ATTENDANTS for the entire event to assist your guests. (Others offer one attendant). Our onsite attendants will assist your guests with the scrapbook. A personalized memento for you to keep! (Others charge for that.)

We now have an EXTERNAL MONITOR for guests to watch.

INSTANT ACCESS to all the photos taken in photo booth can be seen and saved on your smart phone.



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